Friday, December 12, 2014

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 1

30 Day Writing Challenge: Prompt 1
Write something you feel strongly about

 There are so many things that I feel strongly about, such as my faith, the  inequality in our world and nation, the fact that so many people in this nation think all the homeless people are lazy bums when in fact they (all) are not. I feel strongly about swimming, my friends, writing, sharing things that may be able to help others in the future. I feel strongly about baking, cooking, and crafting (even though I sort of suck at it sometimes). The list can continue to go on, but what I want to write about with you today, is travel…wanderlust. Wanderlust- a strong desire to wander and explore the world. 

I had travelled before I went to New Zealand and Australia, but my traveling was confined to the  United States, Mexico and some of Central America. I was able to see and witness beautiful things that not a lot of people get to see in their lives, and that amplified so much when I was abroad. We lived a simple life in NZ and AUS. A life out of packs on our backs, living in tents during the week and simple dorm rooms of hostels over the weekend. A good week would involve three showers, two of which were in an actual shower. This simplistic lifestyle meant there was no pressure to keep up with social media, being glued to your phone, tablet or computer. The people we cared about knew where we were and how to contact us if need be, but they weren’t something I thought about (sorry, guys!). I cared strongly for the sites around me. The beauty that I witnessed, that such a small sliver of the world’s population had seen before. The beauty that questioned everything I believed in, wondered about and challenged what I want to do with my life.  

I could go on and on, and on and on, about the things I saw and how I changed in these two amazing countries, but I will save that for a later post. I want to say that if people have time in life, or even if they don’t, leave your home and go travel. See the world through a different set of eyes, a different set of pressures and live a life asking questions and seeing beauty in the world. Live simplistically, don’t spend thousands of dollars to travel the rich way of fancy hotels…you aren’t experiencing the culture and geography of the country that way. Live life simple, travel and see the world. It’s a shame that people don’t take time out of their lives to explore the beauty and meaning of the world that our Lord God created for us. 

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