Saturday, December 20, 2014

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 9

Day 9: Writing Challenge
Writing Prompt: Five words/phrases that make you laugh/smile

  1. “Life is for deep kisses, strange adventures, midnight swims & rambling conversations”—that sounds like a pretty damn good life. It sounds like the life that I lived in New Zealand when I was trying to find myself. I found myself, but I’ve lost myself. All I have left of that trip are the memories, the writings and the photos of the kisses, strange adventures, skinny dipping with four foot long eels and rambling conversations while kayaking down a river or hiking across a mountain top. 
  2. “Be happy and smile” — Simple. That’s the way I want to live my life.
  3. “Everybody has that one crazy friend…” —Makes me think of my crazy ass friend who can’t be described on paper, on computer. It simply has to be seen. The bond we share is crazy. Life would certainly be boring without her.
  4. “Wee, I’m a Target by myself…” — Two words: Black hole
  5. Guilty Dogs...All of them...FANTASTIC

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