Sunday, December 14, 2014

Seeking a 'Fun' Night

After being sick for so long, my friend Rachel convinced me it was because all I do is work, and have no fun. So, the two of us, went to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden to see the Christmas lights. Now, I have been to the Columbus Zoo for Zoo Lights, and in my opinion nothing can top that, and these lights didn't. However, they were still pretty and gave Rachel and I a time to talk, and have this 'fun' that she wanted me to have.

Having both gone to Christian colleges, and both being swimmers, it was a great time to just talk and share experiences that had happened in our past that made us who we are today. (Sounds a little bit like, "My Messy Masterpiece," right?) For four years, I was surrounded by like believers in faith, who challenged me and questioned why I believe the way I do. It was something that I loved--one of many things that I loved about Calvin College. I felt as though I could talk to those people about the real struggles in my life, because they would have an answer, they would always send me back to the Lord with prayers, scriptures and hope that I could climb my way out of a hole. And that's what I felt with Rachel. It was a genuine, fun, conversation that brought up those challenges and crazy fun experiences, that allowed two Christian women (swimmers) to talk with no judgement.

After the Lewis Ginger Gardens, we went to American Tap Room and had dinner and drinks. Conversation was just easy, certainly never boring, and it was definitely that fun I was looking for in my totally busy days. She, like many, is going to go back to school in the fall, in Charlottesville. She wants to become a scrub wearing ultrasound tech. She says everything changes, she never knows what she wants to do, but being an ultrasound tech is her constant. I however, feel that I am not that lucky.

If you asked me everyday what I want to do, I would tell you, everyday, a different thing, however, the one constant in my life is New Zealand. Do I just want to travel back there? Do I want to work and live there? However, the thoughts of New Zealand bring up one concern: If I move there, where is all of my awesome stuff, which is laying in my parents basement going to go? That's a big question for me. Thus, I think I should just return to New Zealand, study or travel there for a year, find myself and come back to the states and work.

Enough about New Zealand though. I am sure I could write your ear off about it. Back to my night. Back to a great night that is continuing in the attendance of a new church this morning. Rachel and I both agree that we like trying new churches, learning new faiths, new denominations, so we are trying out Movement Church  , a church she says is Baptist and non-denominational. I am leaving here shortly to go, I'm excited to get out of bed and try a new church. I will say I am guilty of being a Bedside Baptist the past 2 months or so. (Bedside Baptist = the act of laying in bed and streamlining a church service onto TV/computer and you watching it).

I want to stop going through the motions of attending church and leaving. I want to find a good church that fills me up inside, a church that gives me the community that Calvin College, gave me. A church that challenges me, provides me with opportunity to meet other similar minded people as me. So, I'm excited, I could hate or love it, but it will get me off of my Bedside Baptist routine.

I know I had these feelings before I went out with Rachel. But time allowed to talk with her and make some things more clear, did just the trick. I'll let you know about my new church experience, whether I love or strongly dislike it. It may open up new doors and new experiences for me. And who doesn't want new doors and experiences?

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