Friday, December 26, 2014

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 12

Day 12: 30 Day Writing Challenge
Daily Prompt: Bullet your whole day 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014 

  • Sleep like crap, fear that my alarm won’t go off to wake me up for my plane 
  • Wake up at 4:15am 
  • Freeze butt off when get out of bed, because it is 55 degrees in the house 
  • Change, finish packing
  • Lock doors
  • Leave house
  • Drive to airport
  • Park in the garage (BAD CHOICE)
    • Not enough time to go park in the lot
  • Walk through the airport to security
  • Stand in line at security 
  • Realize I forgot my iPod in my car (SUCKS)
  • Go through the security line and keep hearing the lady behind me having an anxiety attack because she has never flown on an airplane before and makes comments like such: “I’m about to shit in my pants. I’m so f**king nervous.” 
  • The military guy in front of her keeps saying, “It’s the safest way to travel….It’s only my third time flying. I like the ground, but the air is really safe. 
  • Make it through finally and get to gate, where I realize that: 
  • “Shit in my pants” lady is on my plane, well, shit. 
  • Hope she doesn’t sit next to me…I can’t deal with an anxiety attack, without an iPod, at 6:00am, and the thoughts of how much money I am going to pay for my bad choice of parking in the garage. 
    • Great start to the day, people 
  • Sitting in airport…waiting 
  • Boarded plane
    • Mechanical problems with plane
    • Still sitting in a plane
    • Delayed
  • In the air
  • Asleep
  • Making funny faces at the adorable 5 month old baby girl next to me
  • Sleeping
  • Funny faces
  • Landed
  • Checked departure board, found out that my connecting flight was one gate over from my arrival flight. Never happened in Atlanta. I typically have to haul ass across the airport on the trams, the moving sidewalks and my own two feet. Thanks parents! 
  • Sitting at the gate, sending e-mails and typing this blog 
  • Bathroom
  • Reading Travel Blogs
  • Listening to The Nutcracker 
  • Board Plane
  • Fly home
  • Get picked up by mom
  • Go explore my parents new home…my childhood home is no longer
  • Go on walk?
  • Play games?
  • I don’t remember the rest of my day eek. I am writing this now a day later…that makes me a bad blogger. Uh-oh! 

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