Tuesday, November 25, 2014

He's Everything

I said stop
I said don't do it again
I said don't touch me
I said get your hands off of me.

You promised. 
You promised it'd be different.
You promised you'd love me. 
You promised we'd be together. 

So much pain
So much waiting
So much happiness gone down the drain
So much more to life

I could see through you
I could see the pain
I could see you didn't want me
I could see me leaving. 

Then I met Him
and all my pain went away.
He cared for me
He loved me. 

He's everything you're not. 
He's everything I need. 
He's everything. 
He is everything to me. 

He's the one who took his life for me. 
He's the one who took his life so we could live freely
He's the one who took my pain away
He's the one who saved me. 

I praise Him everyday
I think of Him daily
I'm committed to Him,
and He washed my sins away. 

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