Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tell Me About 3 Minutes

A few weeks ago I had brunch with a really good, long time friend. He challenged me to tell him about myself in 3 minutes. I began typing this post to do just that, but then a guy I want to know more, suggested that I tell everything about myself in 3 minutes, typing. Well, this is my chance to shine. 3 minutes typing as fast as I can to tell you all about myself.

3, 2, 1....

My name is Margaret, I am turing 24 in three weeks. I am from columbus, Ohio, went to school in Grand Rapids, Michigan and now live in Richmond. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend and most importantly a child of God. I am a swimmer first, triathlete second. I got my degree in social work and work in recreation. I smile always and believe that you can be the happiness in someones day if you smile at them because after all, a smile goes a mile. I think you should live life the way you choose, not how anyone else dictates. You should learn from your mistakes and grow, developing yourself into a better you. I believe everyone should travel and see the world, see the world as God created it. Enjoy cultures and music and experiences because you only live life once. Challenge yourself mentally and physically and grow from all experiences. I believe I would be nothing without my family and friends and most importably my faith. I live a life depicted by my faith, my values, my morals and.....

Times up!

That was pretty good!

Well, thank you for those who prompted this post, as it helped me decompress some things I have been struggling with. If anyone else has an idea, let me know! I'm down for another typing challenge or blogging challenge!

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